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Hiya, Delivered Ones!
This page features a list of the best paid survey sites. Consider bookmarking it and checking back occasionally, because I will be adding to and refining it over time. I only feature survey sites that actually pay, not those horrible sites which promise that you'll make the positive equivalent of the national debt on your first day and then try to suck you into signing up for offers of questionable repute.
Sites with a star next to them are favorites that I check in with every day.

This list is in alphabetical order.

Earn points. Cash out at 1000 points. Entered into drawing. 
This is one of those suggestions from the bottom of my butt. I don't get any reward for referring new members. I applied to be an affiliate but my application was rejected because my site is too small potatoes to generate enough traffic for them at this point. Oh well.
If you participate frequently, you will get a lot of survey offers from American Consumer Opinion. There are also opportunities to participate in focus groups.

Brand Institute
Another one of those bottom of my butt suggestions. This one seems to favor people who work in the medical industry, which I no longer do.

Cash Crate ***
Cash Crate is a GPT site which I joined a while back and then forgot about. They have quickly made my favorite sites list. Their games beat all the other GPT sites' games, hands down.

Consumer Village
I have not done a lot with Consumer Village at this point. The site doesn't work with Chrome for me. I had to log in on Edge to get it to work.

Directive Analytics
I just signed up with Directive Analytics myself and thus don't have much experience with them yet.

GPT site which I recently joined. I haven't done a lot there yet, but it shows potential.

Epoll Surveys
Epoll sends you brief surveys via email. You can also be rewarded by shopping through their website.

I just signed up with Esearch.

They will suspend your account if you are inactive. I just asked for mine to be reinstated so I can give them a try.

Another GPT site which is a recent addition to my arsenal. You get at least one cent for your participation even if you don't qualify for a survey.

The Go2Crowd
This is a new site. I don't earn anything except your undying gratitude for telling you about it.

One of my favorite GPT sites. I have been with Inbox Dollars for a long time. The payout is at $30.

Inbox Pays
Inbox Pays is really more a paid to sign up for offers site, but they do have a studies area. The payout is at $50.

A GPT site where you earn points which can be cashed out for gift cards. Get 10 points when you sign up using my link.

Enter code R7RPQG when prompted and we will both earn points.
You must complete a task at least once every two months or you will lose your points.

Mindfield Online
A fair number of surveys. Cashout is at $5.

My Opinion Now
A new addition to the family. Cashes out at 20,000 Reward Points, which is equivalent to $20.

This Gpt site is a new addition to my arsenal. They pay in gift cards.

Paid Viewpoint***
Easy and fun site. Your earnings never expire. Choose your payout in gift cards or via Paypal. One of my favorite sites. You earn at least 10 cents per survey.

Opinion Outpost
You can earn points fairly quickly on this site. Cashout is $5. Cash out on Paypal or for gift cards.

This is one of those bottom of my butt suggestions. I don't get any rewards from Qmee for referring new users. There is also a Qmee app in the Apple or Google Play store. Qmee tends to have a lot of surveys available. Payment is by Paypal or gift cards, or you can donate your earnings to charity.

Swagbucks is a GPT site, and there's plenty you can do to earn points.

Toluna is an excellent paid survey site with a number of available surveys.

Treasure Trooper is one of the older GPT sites. It is one of my go-to sites for a good reason. You will never run out of activities there.

If you like sharing your opinon on current affairs, YouGov is the site for you. Pays out in gift cards.

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