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Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp's Come As You Are Party
Share pretty much anything you want, although there are a couple of rules to keep things fun for everyone.

Poetry Pantry
Share any poem that was written by you.

Shadow Shot Sunday
Share a photograph which features shadows

Snippet Sunday
Post a snippet or links to a piece of 300 words or less.

Sunday Selections
Share a previously unpublished photo.

Share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet from a WIP or published work. 
Most of my Weekend Writing Warriors posts can be found on the Naughty Netherworld Press blog, which is definitely naughty and decidedly not family-friendly. Unless your family happens to consist of a group of randy shape-shifting extraterrestrials, elementals, gargoyle warriors, vampires, werewolves, such as those that appear in the very naughty Carnal Invasion series, published by Naughty Netherworld Press.

Silent Sunday
I am unsure where this one originated. It's a photo-sharing meme. Like Wordless Wednesday, one is supposed to post a photo and run. I've taken it on myself to host a Silent Sunday blog hop if anyone wants to join. I tend not to like a lot of rules, so mine are simple. It has to be your photo and it can't be anything mean-spirited or pornographic. Art nudes are fine. XXX material is not. That's all!

About Me Monday
The Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp invites you to share something about yourself.

Blue Monday
Share a photograph featuring the color blue.

You can share any beauty, crafty, creative, crochet, decor, fashionable, healthy, home interiors, knitting, outfit, recipes, sewing, stylish or travel posts. 
Also welcome to share any beauty & style, home & garden, food & health tips, tricks or hacks.

Haibun Monday/Quadrille
Poetry prompts

Pretty much any kind of post, but must be family friendly.

Macro Monday
Share a photograph which hones in on a component.

Mosaic Monday
Photography blog hop looking for mosaics

Music Monday Challenge
Music-based flash fiction prompt

Promote Yourself Monday

Through My Lens
Photography blog hop

Nature Notes
Share nature photos

Our World Tuesday
Photography blog hop asking for family-friendly posts.


Ruby Tuesday
Share a photograph featuring the color red.

Spread the Kindness
Share anything family friendly and in some way uplifting.

Travel Tuesday
Photography blog hop for photos that have something to do with travel.

The Tuesday Platform
Share a poem

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge
A writing prompt. On Tuesday.

Midweek Motif
Poetry Prompt

Picture Perfect Party
Any family-friendly post with a picture

Wordless Wednesday

Words for Wednesday
A writing prompt featuring words, pictures, or both.

WTF Wednesday
Share things that make you say WTF at the Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp.

Creative Compulsions

FOAD Thursday
Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp revives FOAD Thursday because there are too many people and organizations that really need to FOAD for us to not talk about it.

Pay it Forward Thursday
Share a blog that you appreciate.

Poetry Forms/Open Link Night
Poetry blog hop

Fat Friday
Are you fat in a world that hates fat people or are you a slender reed or inbetweenie who also thinks it's stupid and wrong how the world treats fat people? Want to share some Fabulous Fatshion, encouragement to keep being fabulous just the way you are, Health at Every Size friendly posts with recipes or non-weight loss oriented fitness tips or discussions of the frankly utterly shite way fat people are treated in a thin-centric world? Welcome to Fat Friday at the Crazy Creatives Cheerleading Camp where pretty much everything except thinspiration is welcome.
Discussions of weight fluctuations as they relate to health conditions are fine. Promotion of weight loss, diet talk, fat shaming, and thin praising is not welcome.

Friday Fictioneers
Post a drabble (flash fiction of 100 words or less.)

Link Up on the Edge
Generally positive posts

What Pegman Saw
Flash fiction of 150 words or less.


Weekend Writing Prompt

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