Sunday, May 5, 2019

Tan Renga Challenge 2019: Day 4: Ocean Sanctuary

sunday morning 
all the waves in white
kneeling on the beach
As if wanting to stop time
Pray for no more destruction

Jane & Cie

The Hokku (Haiku stanza) of this Tan Renga was written By Jane Reichhold. The Ageku (closing stanza) was written by me.
This planet's oceans are in trouble. They have been badly polluted and overfished. Many coral reefs are sick and dying. 
A lot of work needs to be done to restore the health of the oceans. We can each do a small part by not littering the beaches or throwing waste into the waters, and, for those of us who eat fish, we can try and make sure that our fish comes from companies committed to sustainable harvesting practices.

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