Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Help Fight MS Deliciously

Image copyright Hoaluu on Pixabay

Hey, Delivered Ones! This isn't something I'm getting paid to tell you, but it's something that's nice to know about.
Now you can have an easy dinner and donate to the cause of fighting MS all at the same time!
From now through June 30 when you order from Papa Murphy's online, enter the code FIGHTMS, and Papa Murphy's will donate 25% of your order's total value to Meat Fight, a charity committed to raising money for MS research.
I like to order on $10 Tuesdays and $5 Fridays. For those not in the know, every Tuesday at Papa Murphy's you can get any large pizza--and I mean ANY large pizza--for $10. Go to town and order a large special stuffed crust--it's still $10!
I usually pick up 3 large pepperoni pizzas on $5 Fridays, when their large thin crust pepperoni pizzas are, you know, $5 apiece. This gives my son and me three days worth of lunches at $2.50 per person. You can't go wrong with those prices!
I now feel even better about ordering pizza knowing that I'm donating to the worthy cause of funding research for MS and making life a little better for people living with MS. You can too! Go on, order up!


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