Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cutting out the Extras: Paid iCloud Subscription

Image by Fotownetrza from Pixabay

When I move, I will be losing my paid contractor job and become completely dependent on the work I am able to do from home as my sole source of income. This is both exciting and scary. One of the things I have to do at this point is cut out as many extras as possible.
I got a paid iCloud subscription in order to have 50 GB of storage instead of just 5. I take a lot of photos using my iPhone, and, at the time, this seemed like a helpful solution. Now I'm in the position of having to get the 5000 photos on iCloud onto my external hard drive so I can go back to the 5 GB free iCloud subscription.
I do feel that it is necessary to have a backup plan for my files. I have been a customer of iDrive since 2015 and have been satisfied with their service. Click here to check out iDrive's plans for both personal and business subscribers.
I had tried to export the photos from my iPhone to my external hard drive using a lightning cord plugged into my computer's USB hub, which didn't work because the photos aren't stored on my phone, they're stored on iCloud. You can download iCloud for your computer from the Microsoft or Apple store. Once you have it installed, it's reasonably easy to transfer the photos from iCloud to your computer.
It doesn't amount to an enormous amount of savings to roll back to the free iCloud subscription, but every little bit helps.


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