Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Tan Renga Challenge Accepted!

I will be participating in the Tan Renga challenge at Carpe Deim Haiku in May.
The first thing you may be asking is "are you flea-diddly-flipping nuts, Neighbor? Why, just a few days ago, you were spouting about how over poetry and prompts you were!"
However, this is not just poetry.
It's Tanka!
Tanka is one of my favorite forms of poetry.
In a Tan Renga, one partner writes the first stanza (the first three lines) and the other partner writes the second stanza.
Come along if you dare, and join in if you want.
I may also be working on making last month's mess into my first published book of poetry.
Why the hell couldn't I have had interests that pay in this life?
Nobody freaking makes money writing poetry!


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