Thursday, April 11, 2019

PSA: Get the Form, Skip the Malware

Image by kai kalhh from Pixabay

Hi, Delivered Ones!
While many of us in the United States will be able to e-file our taxes, some will still have to print and mail forms. 
Do yourself a favor and only print forms from the official website.
If you do a search for tax forms online, you'll be returned a lot of results. Not thinking clearly at first, I went to one of these sites and requested a Form 1040.
The download wanted me to attach an extension to Chrome.
I canceled it immediately.
Even some reputable sites (looking at you, Adobe) will try and trick you into putting extensions into your browser. 
I went to the IRS website and downloaded the necessary form.
Now, hopefully, my stupid printer has printed it out properly instead of mangling it somehow.


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