Monday, April 8, 2019

Inspire Me Monday #222 + Spread the Kindness #117 + Creative Mondays: The Bare Essential Seasonings

Image by Pam Patterson from Pixabay

If I had to get rid of all but the most essential seasonings, I would keep these five things:
Canola Oil
Sea Salt

Although I like coconut sugar for baking, honey is more versatile than sugar and has a better nutritional profile. 
Olive oil is more flavorful than canola oil but sometimes not affordable on a tight budget. Canola oil's mild flavor and budget-friendly price tag make it a versatile and affordable choice.
You can use pretty much any kind of vinegar. If I had to choose just one, I imagine it would be white vinegar, which I also use for cleaning.
Sea salt is far more flavorful than regular table salt, and I don't have to use very much for it to have a strong impact. I use plain old ground black pepper, which is versatile and affordable.
My favorite potato salad recipe contains no mayonnaise. It is made using boiled potatoes and all of the above seasonings except honey. I don't measure them. I use enough canola oil to moisten the potatoes evenly and sea salt, pepper, and vinegar to taste. This is the easiest way to make potato salad, and there are never any leftovers. You can add a hard-boiled egg for protein and a little extra flavor.


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