Sunday, April 7, 2019

Cie's Sunday Wrap-Up 7 April 2019

Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay
The week went a little bit something like this

For the good news, my son and I finished clearing out a very expensive storage unit and getting a storage unit at about half the cost for just as much space. Check out my post on StorQuest here.
In other good news, my son's dad (my ex-husband) is out of the hospital, but his health is still a bit precarious. Hopefully, the doctors will be able to get his cardiac issues under control. He also has previously undiagnosed diabetes.
We ended up firing the second real estate agent in the space of a week. The first one was mostly unresponsive. She also sent my call directly to voice mail and never got back to me, at which point, I was done dealing with her.
Enter New Real Estate Agent. Young, type A personality, a real go-getter. Which, as it turns out, is not necessarily a good thing. You can read the details of the interaction which caused me to kick this guy to the curb here.
After contacting the company that the agent worked for, he apologized to me, but in his apology, he made the rather odd statement that he thought that questioning my credibility would motivate me to move faster, and it backfired. Well, no shit it backfired, Sunny Jim! Did you watch American Psycho and mistake it for a business training video? 
Or maybe this agent read "The Fart of the Deal" by Lord Dampnut's ghostwriter. Because, truth time, we all know Lord Dampnut didn't write that or any other book. That buffoon is only capable of spewing out his 140 toxic characters on Twitter. 
Seriously, in what universe is questioning your client's credibility a smart tactic for motivating them to do anything except tell you to catch the next bus to Fuckoffanddieville or Kissmyasstown?
When I spoke to my ex-husband, he sounded like a shell of himself. He was on his way to a doctor's appointment. It was shortly after speaking to him that I received the confounding message from the real estate agent which caused me to respond with "we are done here."
Seriously, even if you think the client is the biggest idiot who ever walked the Earth, you sure as hell aren't going to close a deal with them by insulting them!
In other news, I have been watching cooking shows on Netflix. I'm thinking about trying portobello mushrooms in my cooking as a replacement for meat. The only meat that's at all affordable in my area is pork loin. Fish is overly expensive and, in a landlocked state, think about the quality. Beef is insanely expensive. Chicken is expensive and usually doesn't taste very good. Turkey is the sort of thing that I only want limited amounts of. 
The quality of meat is kind of awful these days. I end up using the slow cooker to tenderize the fuck out of it and then I pour barbecue sauce on it. The mushrooms might be a nice change of pace. Maybe I could stir them up with some seasoned tofu cubes for protein since tofu tends to absorb the flavor of whatever is being cooked with it.
I'm also saving money to buy a pressure cooker. I'd like to make my own small-batch preserves instead of spending an arm and a leg on preserves at the grocery store. 
I hope your week has been less stressful than mine. Maybe next week will be better.


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