Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Acceptable Trousers, Enraging Description

I love it when they use real plus size models for plus size clothes!
Which is something that didn't happen here.

So, I needed a new pair of pants and I went online to to see if they had anything my broke ass can afford. I found these pants. Fine and dandy, except I almost didn't buy them because of the size-shaming bullshit in the description.

These White Stag Women's Plus-Size Bend'n Easy Pull-On Pants with Two On-Seam Pockets flatter every figure. You'll look instantly slimmer in these pants! They are made of soft, wrinkle free, 100% polyester woven gabardine. They also feature easy-care machine wash and dry. Plus, there's a gentle stretch elastic waistband, full leg and relaxed cut for maximum comfort and two roomy on-seam hidden pockets that really come in handy! This pair will be the perfect wardrobe builder that goes with everything. Available in Assorted Colors. 

I would love to be able to give one rating to the apparel and another to the description. The pants are fine. They fit. They weren't expensive. That's all great.
Now, as to the product description.
"You'll instantly look slimmer in these pants."
Yes, that is really what I care about. Instantly looking slimmer. There is nothing so important in this world as looking slimmer. It isn't as if I developed an eating disorder when I was just twelve years old because of all the importance placed on looking slimmer.
I am a large person. I am not going to "instantly look slimmer."
It only took me 33 years to get to the point where I could finally start accepting and standing up for myself.
Also, thanks for the thin model for plus-size apparel. It gives me a great idea what these pants will look like on a body like mine--so not.


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