Thursday, March 21, 2019

Blogger Functionality Tips: Adwords Display

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

If you are having issues with Blogger or any other Google product, let's be honest, it isn't always easy to find a solution.
For instance, I went for close to a month unable to rectify the problem of ads not appearing at the bottom of my posts after I pasted a simple piece of meta text between the < head > and < / head > HTML tags as requested by Pinterest's advertising division.
I finally stumbled on the answer.
I went to the layout section of the dashboard for this blog. I then clicked the Edit command on the Blog Posts gadget. There was a checkbox which says: "show ads between posts." I clicked this box, which opened the Configure Inline Ads options. In this area, I was able to choose the options for ads to display after my posts.
I'm not sure what happened to cause the ads to disappear from the posts initially, and I discovered this solution on my own. If you have encountered similar problems, this fix should work for you.


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