Sunday, January 27, 2019

Top Five Apps and Sites for 20 January 2019 - 27 January 2019

Here are the sites and apps I interacted with most during the past week.

American Consumer Opinion has both an online site and an iPhone app. They may also have an app in the Google Play store. Many of their surveys are available on their website, but some are only available on the mobile app. It's worth having both if you have a smartphone.

I did some quick and easy surveys with Cash Crate, but, let's face it, the games are where it's at!
Personal reveal: I have had trouble with impulse purchases in mobile games in the past. People like to chalk problems like this up to stupidity, but intelligence doesn't have much to do with it. It's a neuro-psych dysfunction related to problems such as gambling addiction. Ridiculing people with such issues helps no-one.
The only mobile games I still play without getting paid for it are Fairyland on Facebook and the Sims Freeplay (which isn't free at all) on my Kindle Fire tablet. Knowing what I know now, I would never have started playing The Sims Freeplay, but I have a whole city with characters I love and their pets, so I've kept the game. I try to be very careful with making purchases and have a "think it over" policy to try and avoid impulsive buying. In-app purchases in mobile games are insidious.
Join Cash Crate instead, and get paid for playing games instead of paying to play!

Point Club does it again! This is a great survey site. I only wish I could get rewarded for telling you about them.

I just cashed out for a $12 Amazon gift card. You earn 10 cents even when you don't qualify for a survey. This is a mobile app. I know it's available in the Apple app store. You can also check the Google play store.

Panel App is available for iPhone in the Apple store and probably for Android in the Google Play store. Do me a solid and click the link to find out more!
I learned the hard way not to spend my points on sweepstakes with Panel App. Save your points and get guaranteed gift cards instead. You can enter the free monthly giveaway as many times as you like, and sometimes they have other free sweepstakes as well. The surveys from Panel App are quick and easy.

There you have this week's winners. I hope you might find one or more that is helpful to you!


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