Thursday, January 24, 2019

Things I Won't Pay Full Price For: Pizza (with link to a great coupon)

I think it's safe to say that many of us love pizza. I pretty much lived on Little Caesar's the one semester I lived in a dormitory back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. That blasted pterodactyl was always getting in the window and stealing my leftovers!
Pizza these days ain't cheap, and I'm on a pretty tight budget. So, I won't order pizza unless I have a darn good coupon for it.
I'm going to give you a link to a post by a lady named Laurie who runs a site called The Passionate Penny Pincher. In this post, you will find a link to a gol-darn good coupon for a large two-topping Dominos pizza for just $5.99 each. You need to hurry, though, because this deal is only good until January 27, 2019.
This coupon may have an expiry date, but the advice I'm about to give doesn't.
In these tough economic times, most of us need to tighten the proverbial money belt and, as my late father used to say, squeeze the eagle till it screams. For those of you not from the United States, this is a reference to the bald eagle which appears on certain U.S. currency.
I've always been a great fan of pizza. I hate to even say how much pizza I'm capable of eating at one sitting if I don't stop myself so I don't end up feeling like I have a giant lump of dough taking over my digestive tract for two hours post-consumption. Pizza tastes good, and it can actually give pretty good nutritional bang for the buck. However, most decent carryout or delivery pizza is far from inexpensive.
I ended up saving more than $17 at Dominos by using the coupon above. Two delicious large two-topping pizzas came to just $12.99, and, since I was my own delivery person, I was able to tip myself. I was ready to put a little something in the counter tip jar, but they didn't have a counter tip jar. Had I not used this coupon, l would have ended up spending more than $30 for the same two pizzas.
It is also worth it to join your favorite pizza joint's point club. Most of them have one. I accrued 12 points on this order. The points add up to free pizza down the line.
The takeaway from this post?
Don't pay full price for pizza. 
Follow sites such as this one and the site where I found this coupon (the Passionate Penny Pincher) to get great deals on pizza. You can also find some good coupons at Yay Savings.
Many pizza places have online-only deals. Check your favorite restaurant's website.
It may seem counterproductive for me to say this, given that I deliver food for a living, but when possible, be your own delivery driver. I am speaking here as a consumer rather than a contractor. Whenever possible, I pick up my own food which allows me to save on the tip. However, if you do end up ordering delivery rather than carry out, please tip your driver accordingly.
Now, hurry up and act on this deal, Chow Hounds! I know I'll be taking advantage of it again while it's still valid.

Bon Appetit!

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