Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Social Media

I'm on other forms of social media, but it ain't that great, let's be real. If you really want to follow me there in spite of it not being that great, be my guest.
If you want to be a social media superstar, you should probably do the opposite of everything I describe here.

I have a Facebook page, which is pretty much just links to my blog posts on this site. You're welcome to follow it.

I sometimes share my photos on Instagram. I'll follow back if I notice you've followed me. I'm not particularly active there.

I have a bunch of Pinterest boards. You might find some stuff you like there.

I don't converse much on Twitter. I mostly use it to post links from this blog, links to the GPT sites and other apps that I find useful, and some pictures from my various Tumblrs. I also like to poke the bear, AKA the so-called current "president" of the United States. So, like as not, I won't interact with anyone on Twitter, but you might find me sort of entertaining to have in your feed. I don't respond to DM's because I probably don't notice that I have them.

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