Thursday, January 10, 2019

Problems With Peanut Labs + Point Club Recommendation

As reported to Trust Pilot:

I am a member of several survey and GPT sites. I logged into Inbox Dollars and went to try some Peanut Labs surveys as I often do, only to find a dumb cartoon with Pinocchio in jail, suggesting that lies were being told. I have never knowingly lied or been misleading when taking surveys. Their so-called "support" has never gotten back to me. This is inexcusable.

I have been taking surveys for years, and many of the survey and GTP sites I am signed up with use Peanut Labs. I was shocked to discover that they have an overall one-star rating on Trust Pilot and that my experience with them is far from uncommon. Out of 69 reviews, 87% of those reviews are bad. You can read them here.
I have to agree with Trudy Monk that your time is better spent getting a colonoscopy.

The two positive reviews for Peanut labs by "Pratik Mishra" and "Shan Joseph" have exactly the same wording:

I extremely love this service for…

I extremely love this service for surveys
They are very user friendly
I think this is the only survey service which was good
Their service is actually the best I dont know why so many negative reviews but I sincerely will choose this service for my own surveys.

I don't expect much good to come out of this. In fact, judging by other people's experiences, I don't expect to hear back from Peanut Labs at all. Currently, my recommendation is to avoid taking Peanut Labs surveys via any survey or GPT site. Unfortunately, most survey and GPT sites use them.

However, I can recommend signing up with Point Club surveys. I don't think any of the surveys I've taken with them have involved Peanut Labs. Point Club pays out via Paypal once you have reached points equating to $25. You receive 12 points each for surveys which disqualify you, up to 60 points per day. The point levels on surveys you qualify for are pretty generous. You also never lose your points. I didn't take any surveys with Point Club for a year and a half, and when I logged back in, all my points were still there.

That's about all I've got for today. I've been fasting since midnight for my quarterly blood draw, and my stomach is very grouchy right now. I can tell because it keeps growling at me.

Here's some more Grumpy stuff for you.

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