Saturday, January 19, 2019

Let's Talk Coffee (again) and Stomach Issues

Disclaimer: The digestive issues I refer to are minor irritations. If you have a serious digestive issue, consult with a healthcare professional regarding food, drink, and medications.

A friend mentioned that she was having problems with stomach irritation and mentioned taking probiotics and cutting out NSAIDS and coffee. I mentioned that I have had a better experience drinking cold brew coffee as opposed to regular brewed coffee. I can drink brewed coffee for a while, and then the acid starts to upset my stomach.
This is not, however, true with all cold brew coffee. Starbuck's cold brew left me with horrific abdominal pain. I don't believe this is caused by caffeine, because it doesn't happen when I drink tea. This severe abdominal pain is also the reason why I can't drink colas (other than the fact that they taste like caramelized butt concentrate.) 
This is another reason why I love Gevalia cold brew coffee. I have never experienced a problem with stomach irritation drinking the concentrate. Admissibly, I do not drink my coffee black. I mix up the concentrate with equal parts of water and then add a bit of Nut Pods non-dairy creamer. With brewed coffee, I usually add a sweetener such as Stevia, or a single packet of sugar if I have forgotten the Stevia. I do not find that I have to sweeten the Gevalia cold brew at all.
Regarding stomach upset, I don't have a serious issue like GERD, but I do have very occasional acid reflux or heartburn. I find that Zantac or a generic version thereof does the trick to stop the problem. This is a very safe and inexpensive product for dealing with minor gastric irritation.
I am a firm believer in probiotics. I did recently get a Gourmia yogurt maker and am going to start making my own yogurt. I also take a probiotic with my supplements. They aren't all created equal. Many of the cheapest ones don't contain any live organisms at all. It is better to go with a trusted brand for probiotics.
As a reminder, I have been speaking about minor digestive issues in this post. If you have a serious digestive condition, seek the advice of a medical professional regarding diet and supplements.


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