Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Kitchen Helper: Mini Silicone Loaf Cups

I raved to you about my love for the mini silicone baking cups which pretty much eliminate the need for disposable baking cups and help reduce the need for cooking spray or oil. The set I purchased also came with these adorable mini loaf pans, and I'd like to give a few tips for using these.
If you have a metal pan which is divided into rectangular sections to make mini cakes or loaves, you can line the sections with these and eliminate the need for cooking spray. However, I just put them on a baking sheet lined with a Velesco silicone baking liner to catch any drips when I was pouring the batter into them and baked them at 325 Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.
I would suggest not filling the mini loaf cups more than between half and two-thirds of the way full. I ended up with a bit of overhang filling them 3/4 full. This is more a cosmetic issue than anything else, and if you are going to frost them, you can always trim the excess.
These mini loaves or cakes would be wonderful for parties, either for adults or children. For a kids' party, you could even let the youngsters decorate their own mini cake, providing frosting and fun things like sprinkles or gummy bears. This might be best in summer months where you could set up a picnic table outdoors and let the tykes get as messy as they wanna be.
You could decorate the cakes to look like little cars for auto enthusiasts, either adult or juvenile. You could make a train with the mini cakes. The possibilities are endless.
I wasn't feeling quite that inspired when I tried out my mini cake/loaf pans. I just had a box of spice cake mix that I wanted to use up!
Just like their round counterparts, these mini loaf cups get the hat trick. They are inexpensive, they cut down on overall expenses over time by reducing the need for cooking spray and cupcake liners, and they easy (and fun) to use. They definitely earn the Seal of Approval!

Happy baking!

The Seal of Approval
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