Friday, October 26, 2018

Drive Safe: the Kenu Airframe Phone Mount

There are numerous phone holders to keep your smartphone visible and within easy reach in your car. Harry the Rideshare Guy describes a few of these here. I agree with Harry that these simple safety tools are essential for any driver, whether professional or no. I disagree with his number one choice.
For me, there can only be the Kenu Airframe.
I tried the rest and found that Kenu Airframe was the best.
This simple, low-tech device holds your smartphone securely in place on your vehicle's dashboard vent. The air from the vent helps keep the phone cool in the summer. It is easy to see and doesn't take up room on your windshield. Personally, I don't like things that stick out from my windshield like some sort of Borg contraption, and the damn suction cups never stick properly anyway.
I most certainly agree with Harry that it is appalling when drivers are looking at a phone in their lap or lying on their dashboard. There is no excuse. Get a phone mount and never compromise on convenience and safety for you and your smartphone and whatever passengers or parcels you may have in your car again.


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