Friday, June 16, 2017

Drive for Lyft and Uber Even If You Don't Own A Car

Can you drive for Lyft and Uber even if you don't own a car that will pass their inspection?
The short answer is, you can.
In some cities, you can rent a car through Lyft or Uber. It is my understanding that you can use the car you rent through Uber to drive for Lyft as well, but you can't use the car you rent through Lyft to drive for Uber as well.
On the other hand, you can rent through Hyrecar and drive for either Lyft or Uber with no problem.
You will need to determine whether you are going to be driving enough to make the Hyrecar rental worth your while. For instance, the vehicle I'm renting this week will cost me $200. I will need to make my $200 back to start making a profit. It's worth it to me to do this so as not to be putting wear and tear on a vehicle I own. Also, getting insurance for a rideshare vehicle can be a difficult and expensive proposition. Hyrecar provides insurance.
I drive full time at this point, so it's worth my while to rent a Hyrecar.
If you are only driving part-time, the Hyrecar option may not be for you.
You need to ask yourself what Lyft and Uber are going to do for you. In my case, I am over 50, own a home which is paid off but still need to pay for taxes and upkeep, have an adult son with disabilities, and have certain health concerns (diabetes, hypothyroidism, chronic low-grade pain, back injuries, plus type 2 bipolar disorder) which make it difficult if not impossible to work a "normal" job. I am trying to build my own business through this website. I need a job which allows for flexible hours, and I'm motivated to work. Hyrecar is right for me.
If you are a college student and student grants/loans plus family are paying for the majority of your expenses until you graduate but you want to make some extra money a couple days a week, Hyrecar is not for you. If you have a car that will pass inspection or a family member has a car that will pass inspection and they are willing to let you use the car, these would be better options. Even if you don't have a car that will pass inspection for transport, you can drive any car for Uber Eats.
If you are a parent of a young child who wants to drive for a few hours on weekends to put aside a little money, it is better to use your own vehicle than to lease a Hyrecar.
Hyrecar is a good option for full-time drivers, not so much for part-time.


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