Thursday, May 25, 2017

Drive for Uber

I'd like to give you the lowdown on driving for Uber, or at least for Uber Eats, as I have not participated in the passenger transport side of Uber as of this juncture. To learn more about that possibility, read The Ride Share Guy's blog. Harry has been driving with Uber for many years, and he really knows his stuff.
Driving for Uber is not quite as simple as just having an acceptable car. You need to keep in mind that many insurance companies don't want to insure ride share or delivery drivers using their own vehicle, and thus you may end up having to lie to your insurance company (as many rideshare drivers do) when they are asked the question "do you use your vehicle for ridesharing or delivery?" It's ridiculous, but the insurance company does not actually want to pay for any damage your vehicle may incur.
Also, keep in mind the cost of fuel and maintenance for your vehicle.
I haven't made the jump into transporting passengers, but I may be doing so in the near future. I would have to rent a vehicle, as none of my current vehicles meet Uber's passenger transport standards.
On to driving for Uber Eats.
I average $10 per hour driving for Uber Eats. It is not possible to make a living doing this, particularly if you have a family. A major drawback lies in the fact that Uber does not have a place for tipping within their app, and many people do not keep cash on hand these days. In all honesty, I cannot fathom why Uber does not create an option to tip within the app.
You will also need a smartphone to drive for Uber. There are several wireless companies which offer good options for getting a smartphone while not breaking the bank paying for service. I have used Consumer Cellular for several years now and am purchasing my iPhone 7 through them for $25 per month. Their service is reliable and I have been very happy with them. If you decide to go with Consumer Cellular and they ask who referred you, please give them my name, Cara Hartley.
There is no separate app for Uber and Uber Eats. Both are managed within the same app.
If you need a job quickly and you have a car, or you would like to pick up a little extra income outside of your main job but don't want to commit to a set schedule with a second employer, being an Uber rideshare driver or an Uber Eats driver may be an option for you.
I actually love driving for Uber Eats and would happily drive for them full time if I could make a living wage doing so. 
I consider a living wage to be a minimum of $15 per hour. This allows for a bit of recreation money. All work and no play makes Jack and Jill unhappy campers. One needs to have time for family, friends, and fun.

If you are interested in driving for Uber, please click the link below.

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