Hello and welcome! My name is Cara or Cie. I'm 54 years old and worked in the medical industry for most of my life.
At the point of this blog's creation, I had partnered with Indeed Crowd, one of the foremost job search boards in the United States, to become a recruiter or Head Hunter. Due to the physical compromises placed on me by diabetes and hypothyroidism, I was looking to move into less physically strenuous ways of doing so.
As you can see from the photo, I do not fit the typical image that many people have of a recruiter or head hunter. People tend to envision a type A personality in a suit. I look much more like someone's mother, grandmother or aunt.
Nor, I discovered, do I fit the typical image of a WAH blogger, most of whom seem to be stay-at-home moms. My only child is 28 years old.
Once the head-hunter aspect of the blog skipped town, I decided to use the blog to promote opportunities to make extra money or even work from home entirely. You will never pay a cent for my suggestions. Any payment that I receive comes from the products and services that I promote. I always warn people never to pay for "top seekrit" information such as how to make money from paid surveys. You won't find information that is any different than you can find on a legitimate WAH blog such as this one.
When you buy products from Amazon through one of my search portals or sign up with a paid survey or GPT site through one of my links, you are helping a person with both physical and psychological disabilities remain independent. I truly appreciate it.


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