Thursday, June 13, 2019

Search Engine Landing Page Evaluator with isoftstone

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isoftstone has landing page evaluator positions available worldwide. These are work from home positions requiring between 10 and 25 hours per week availability. The current pay rate is $13 per hour.
I am currently in the testing phase for this position. So far I have learned that I would throw myself from the top of Mount Everest if I had to do this work for more than 10 hours per week, and I am still deciding if I would be able to do even that much. My mind really does not sync with this sort of work.
To do the job correctly, one has to intuit the intent of the hypothetical searcher and evaluate the validity of the given landing page to the searcher's intent. It sounds simple, but there are multiple criteria to consider. If you prefer crossword puzzles to Sudoku puzzles, you may not be a good fit for this position either.
I did very poorly on the pattern recognition portion of the old-school I.Q. test when I was twelve years old. For many years, I believed myself to be "borderline retarded," because those were the words I heard the school psychologist telling my parents. Combine this with the fact that I have some trouble with balance, and girls in the 1970's were all expected to emulate Nadia Comaneci in the gym, I believed that I must be severely deficient intellectually even though I had always tested well above my grade level when it came to reading comprehension and writing abilities. 
The "above my grade level" measure did not translate to math. I did fine with addition and subtraction but when we started learning multiplication in the third grade, I was screwed. My well-meaning chum who rarely thought things through was given my paper to grade on our first multiplication test. She always praised me for being very smart because she had a bit of trouble with reading and writing, and I helped her. Once the papers were scored, she held mine up, eyes wide with surprise, and said loudly: "You got an F!" 
My friend meant no harm, but I burst into tears. I have long felt that the letter grade system was harmful to kids who are having trouble in school. F stands for "Failure" and everyone knows that. It would be better to replace D and F with something such as "Incomplete" and rather than punishing kids who were struggling, work with them to determine what they need in order to understand the subject.
I got an F in basic college math many years later because I made the mistake of trying to take the course online. When I took the course in person, I got an A, because I had a very patient teacher who held my hand and led me through the Math Jungle.
I also learned many years after my diagnosis of "borderline retardation" that I have a degree of dyslexia, mostly with numbers, and I have ADD. I have trouble concentrating for long periods of time on things that don't really hold my interest, and I do terribly with projects that seem mathematical.
If you have a very mathematical and analytical mind, you might really enjoy the isoftstone position to increase your income. I'm going to have to decide within the next three days if I'm capable of doing it for even ten hours a week. At the moment, I have my doubts, because working on it for even an hour had me wanting to throw myself into an active volcano, and my accuracy rate is...well...I got an F.
Disclaimer: I am not an employee or affiliate of isoftstone. I receive no compensation for reviewing this position or for tossing in a piece of my life story.

(and her non-mathematical mind)

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Weekend Wrap-Up 8 June 2019

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I am not quite sure what direction the Deliver Me blog is going in at this point. I paid for another year of hosting for the URL in any case.
I'm thinking that I'm probably going to move all the recipe and life hack type tips to the Good Stuff from Grover site and try and move Deliver Me back to being strictly for affiliate marketing, surveys, and things of that nature. 
The move to Grover really was something that came as a surprise, although I'm the one who suggested it. My son and I were trying to stay in Denver, but as I've written about on several occasions, Denver is unaffordable for the working class. My son was talking about moving to Arkansas because the housing there is much more affordable. I really didn't want to move to Arkansas, so I scoured the real estate sites and found the amazing Grover Hotel in the beautiful little podunk prairie town of Grover.
It's not that I don't want to make this move. I do. It's just that my life got turned on its head, and I am nothing if not resistant to change. I only make changes when I get dragged kicking and screaming. I am not self-assured or adventurous. I am not a risk-taker. This is a terrifying step. I learned long ago that the best-laid plans fail far more often than they succeed.
I also ended up feeling that I inadvertently made one person whom I actually had come to like mad at me, and another person whom I liked decided to make an unfunny joke at my expense. I didn't bounce back very well from these incidents and have been avoiding participating in blog hops and such. It's not like anyone will miss me, so, whatever.
So, the Deliver Me blog may land on its feet, or it may not, and I may rescue it, or I may not. I don't imagine it makes a great deal of difference in the grand scheme of things.