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Inspire Me Monday #226 + Spread the Kindness #121: A Hairy Dillemma

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I am not a beautician. The information in this post describes my own experiences with hair color.

I am not the sort of person to subscribe to the idea that "you should never ask a lady about her age" or thinks that aging is shameful or youth is superior to maturity. Ask me about my age. I don't give a rip. I was 54 years old when these words were written.
People in my family tend to go gray young. My mother's hair was almost completely gray by the time she was 35. Mine was gray by the time I was 45. 

Now, if I had ended up with cool Wizard White hair, I would not be coloring my hair. I mean, just look at the glory of this man's hair. He isn't a wizard, at least as far as I know. He's a musician. But that hair is pure magic! If my hair looked that good, I'd never color it.
Unfortunately, that is not the kind of gray I ended up with.

I ended up with this kind of gray. Now, I don't give a rip about people thinking I look "old". After all, it isn't as if I'm young. I will never get Botox. I will never get a facelift. I don't even wear makeup because it causes my eczema to flare like nobody's business. I don't care if anyone thinks I'm "beautiful," a trait which has extremely narrow definitions in the modern world. 
I'm middle-aged, I'm plain, and I could care less about either of those things.
So, why would I bother dyeing my hair?
Because this particular shade of gray paired with my pasty complexion makes me look dead, and I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that if I took on a role as a zombie in The Walking Dead, they wouldn't even have to put makeup on me. 
Commercial hair color doesn't even begin to penetrate my gray. I don't have the money necessary to go to a salon ever, let alone once a month. Henna, however, works very nicely.
Tints of Nature is a henna-based hair color made in the U.K. The red, brown and black shades work well for me. The blonde shades don't tend to cover my gray adequately.
The pros: the coverage is beautiful and the shades are vibrant. There are no toxic chemicals in Tints of Nature colors.
The cons: Henna can cause allergic reactions. Sometimes it does cause eczema to flare on my scalp, and then I end up with flakes. Not little itty bitty flakes either. Huge, chunky flakes that look like bits of torn-up tracing paper.
One of the major hair color manufacturers used to make a "color masque" for gray hair, but they stopped making it quite a few years ago. So I did some searching for alternatives and found this article about enhancing the color of gray hair. I also found this list of dyes to try.
I really wanted to see some gray hair enhancing products for older ladies instead of just products geared towards young hipsters ironically dyeing their hair gray. But as a wise man once said, you can't always get what you want.
I also found a forum which suggested rinsing with a few drops of liquid bluing diluted in water.
 I would really like to find a way to enhance my gray hair rather than having to keep dyeing my hair to avoid looking like I just crawled out of a tomb. Which, ironically, is the look that some people are trying to achieve, but, apparently, it's only cool if your hair isn't actually that color.
As a wise man once said, people are strange.


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