Thursday, May 30, 2019

FOAD Thursday: Yet More Fun With Spam

Spammers--they just never stop trying.
It may be tempting to click that you "confirm your request" to be removed from their mailing list. However, you actually do not want to do that. Doing so lets them know that your email address is active, and they will barrage you with even more garbage, or try to hack your email. 
Do not confirm the "request." Report it as Spam.
Also, anything that's this much of a cluster-fork is never legitimate.

Since I never requested to be on your "Adulte" mailing list, Jessica, I see no reason why I should be confirming my "request" to be deleted from it.
I had such a headache with my email account being hacked last week that I have even fewer kind thoughts for spammers now than ever, and I never had any kind thoughts for them.
Spammers are hoping for people to be gullible and desperate. Don't fall for their tricks.


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