Saturday, May 4, 2019

Clothing Review: Luvyle

So I bought this cute pillow cover from an online store called Luvyle.
"But Cie," I hear you saying. "That is a t-shirt!"
An astute observation, dear reader! 
It is supposed to be a t-shirt.
However, Luvyle's sizing does not match with standard sizing. Their items run reeeeeeaaaallllllly small.
I bought the shirt in my usual size (3x). 
It does not even fit over my rack of doom.
If I were a stripper or a porn star, I might be able to use this xxxtra-tight shirt to my advantage. 
However, I'm a rather modest old gal who prefers her clothes baggy.
Clothing manufacturers vary widely in the way their clothes fit. If you do order anything from Luvyle, be prepared for their clothes to run extremely small. 
If a 3X fits like a standard Large (I can't get a large over my chest), I'm not sure who a small would fit. Maybe gnomes have a fondness for clothing from Luvyle.


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