Monday, April 1, 2019

Inspire Me Monday #221: Is Allulose a Better Sugar?

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I found out about allulose while taking a survey regarding sweeteners. As a diabetic, I am concerned about excess carbohydrates and I do feel that there is too much added sugar in most foods. 
However, the rhetoric about OMGTEHOBEEESITEEEECRISIS is discouraging. There are healthy and unhealthy people of all sizes. Size normativity as a be-all-and-end-all actually discourages exercise and better eating habits in the long run when they don't result in weight loss. 
A Health at Every Size paradigm is a much more effective approach. It doesn't say to people "you have only succeeded if you manage to weigh less than an arbitrary number on the scale."
I intend to give allulose a try seeing as it appears to be a natural product. I do not do well with artificial sweeteners. Aspartame gives me headaches. Sucralose gives me headaches, digestive problems, and elevates my blood pressure. Saccharine just plain tastes terrible. Stevia, which is a natural product, is fine in drinks but doesn't really work well in baking.
I am a blogger with a small but hopefully growing audience. I intend to write about my findings after trying allulose. I hope it is as good as it sounds. If it is, it would be a wonderful thing for those of us living with diabetes or who simply wish to reduce our sugar consumption--regardless of whether or not we ever lose a single ounce.

Who does not believe that any size is better than any other

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