Thursday, April 4, 2019

Crap Not To Do as a Real Estate Agent: Accuse Your Client of Lying

Above is a screenshot of a message from the real estate agent that I just fired.
My son is looking for a home. He has a certain amount of cash which is in a trust fund controlled by his father. His father has been in the hospital for the last eight days with cardiac problems and complications from diabetes. He does not have a phone with great service. But unlike the agent claims, it is a working number. It simply does not have voice mail.
Even if the agent thinks the client is nothing but a clown, it is customer service 101 to state things politely. All he had to do was say that until we could get proof of funds, he couldn't continue to ask the listing agent to hold onto the property.
I told him that I didn't appreciate being accused of lying, and we were done.
I fired our previous real estate agent because she never bothered arranging to show any properties, never answered emails, and on one occasion sent me straight to voice mail and never got back to me. I'm not interested in having a toxic high school romance.
I contacted the company that the agent who sent the above rude message works for. Somebody needs to tell him that you cannot talk to people the way he talked to me.
Update on this situation: I said specifically that I didn't want the agent fired, but someone needs to speak with him about his behavior in this matter because it's not right for him to be speaking to clients this way. The agent apologized to me and I said that we were going with a different agency at this point but I appreciated his apology. I also admonished him never to speak to another client the way he spoke to me and said that it was always better to err on the side of politeness.


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