Thursday, January 3, 2019

Simple Recipes: Tofu Salad Sandwiches

Anyone who has never tried tofu salad sandwiches may be thinking that I'm a bit off my rocker for suggesting such a thing. However, I believe that one taste of this simple recipe will change your mind. 
This recipe is not suitable for anyone who has an allergy to soy. It is vegan or vegetarian-friendly, depending on what kind of salad dressing you use. I had some leftover Marzetti avocado ranch.
I honestly prefer making tofu salad sandwiches to egg salad sandwiches. There is no need to boil or shell eggs. Use a firm or extra-firm tofu for this recipe.
You will need to press the tofu for five to ten minutes. To do this, place the tofu on a large plate. Put a small plate on top of it, and put a weighted item such as a can of vegetables or a full bottle of salad dressing on top of the small plate. This will drain the excess water out of the tofu. Once the tofu has a nice puddle of water surrounding it, it is ready to be sliced.
I find that half of a standard block of tofu is adequate for two hearty sandwiches. Slice the tofu into cubes. Size isn't really important as you will be breaking up the cubes once the tofu is in the bowl. The cubes are easier to break up than a brick of tofu. 
Use a creamy salad dressing such as ranch. I think I used about 1/4 cup, but to be honest, I didn't measure it. You could also use mayo. I then added about a tablespoon (again, I eyeballed it rather than doing an exact measurement) of Ken's honey mustard dressing, a dash of sea salt, and a pinch of black pepper. Chop and mix the tofu until it resembles large crumbs and is well coated with the dressing. Let stand for 5 minutes to absorb the flavor of the dressing. This recipe makes a great meal or snack anytime.
To liven the mixture up, add a bit of chopped onion, some capers, a bit of chopped lox, and some chopped tomato. 
You may be thinking that using tofu is more expensive than using eggs. It is slightly more expensive, but the tofu I used (Simple Truth) cost $1.50 for a block. I cut the block in half and made sandwiches for two people, which breaks down to 75 cents a serving for the tofu. I'm not sure what the entire cost would be taking into account the bread, salad dressing, and spices, but it isn't that expensive. All in all, you have a good, filling sandwich for around a dollar a person, and it's hard to beat that!
Tofu is a very versatile food. I've served it in place of meat, pan-fried with onions and coated in barbecue sauce. It doesn't have much flavor of its own. It absorbs the flavors of whatever it is prepared with. Marinating tofu before cooking helps increase the flavor of the dish.
Tofu salad sandwiches meet my criteria for a simple, tasty meal anytime. There is very little preparation involved and no cooking whatsoever unless you choose to toast the bread. Bon Appetit!


Ken's Honey Mustard dressing is a staple in my pantry. This versatile condiment is great in cooking, and you can even use it as a salad dressing.

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