Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Shop with Cie: My Prime Pantry Order for 16 January 2019

The star of this order is this adorable onion saver. I tend to use halves of onions quite a bit, which means I'm storing the other half of the onion in a plastic bag for future use. This means I'm throwing away plastic bags. With the reusable option, I'm not only saving money but reducing waste! For less than $5 you can have the exact product above (Hutzler onion saver) or you can choose from one of the other options in the search grid at the end of the post.
I also re-ordered my favorite Gevalia caramel cold brew coffee, and I ordered some trail mix and granola bars. I've decided that making my own snack packs rather than paying $3.99 at the store to get a snack box with about a dozen cheese cubes, about 10 pretzels, some apple slices, and a small container of trail mix will save me money.
I can buy blocks of cheese from the store and cut them into cubes myself. I can buy the pre-sliced apples from the store because, while I know I could slice my own apples (or just eat the apple, but I had cosmetic work done on my front teeth), having them pre-sliced and already in individual packs makes my life easier when I'm in a hurry. Slicing a block of cheese is easier than coring and slicing an apple.
However, I just discovered an innovative item which I've added to my cart for next time. Apparently, you can slice and core an apple in one fell swoop. That's my kind of device: save time and save money! I will let you know when I have it and how it works.



  1. I've been looking for one! Thank you for sharing.


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