Sunday, December 2, 2018

This Week's Spending Breakdown

J. Money of Budgets are Sexy asked his readers to break down their past week's spending. Here is my write-up in all its...uh...glory.

Really gross sobbing ensues.

Let’s do an exercise today where we look back at what we spent this week and see how we feel about it all… It’s good to do a surprise check-in every now and then!

Fill in the blanks below:

Money I loved spending this week:
I like to cook, and I got the goods to make some nice food this week. Not all of it was a hit with my son, but he's hard to feed. He's high-functioning autistic, and it can be tricky to find foods with textures that don't seem bothersome to him. I'm pretty much a gourmand. As long as it isn't offal or raw squash (I love cooked squash, can't stand it raw) I'm probably good.

Money I hated spending this week:
That sumbitchin' overdraft charge. I haven't had one of these in a while. I'm on an extremely short leash, being that I'm not allowed to make more than $1100 a month, or I lose Medicaid. I try to be careful, but sometimes, something gets by me.

Money I was surprised to spend this week! 
See "that sumbitchin' overdraft charge."

I quite literally think that exorbitant overdraft fees should be illegal. They only harm people who are already in difficult financial straits. Don't let the damn payment through if the money isn't there. If you must charge a fee, keep it reasonable, in the $5 range. The only reason banks charge these sickening $35 plus fees is because they can. 
Again, they are only harming the poor and working classes. The one percent certainly never gets hit by these fees.

Money I knew I’d spend this week and am okay with: 
Money for groceries. I'm basically okay with this, although I tend to feel groceries are, overall, overpriced. 
I have a tip that I like to pass along whenever I can. If your preferred grocery store has an "ugly produce" section, take advantage of it! My preferred store has an ugly produce section. It's hit or miss, but it's a hit more often than it's a miss. Everything in the section is 99 cents for a bag, and the bags are generous. Yesterday I got a nice bag of red potatoes, in the two to three-pound range, for 99 cents. The potatoes were on the small side and oddly shaped, but they are perfectly good potatoes.

Money I spent towards my goals/dreams: 
I checked my balance before spending this money. I bought some yarn on Amazon for my hand-crochet blanket that I'm making. I don't sell these blankets because I could never legitimately recoup the money spent to make them. They are strictly gifts or for personal use. 
In any case, the money I spent on my yarn (approximately $31) crossed with another payment, and I ended up with disgusting overcharges.
I was hoping to use some money to enter my poetry manuscript in a competition hosted by a non-profit literary group. The entry fee would have been $25. However, the deadline was November 31, and I was not willing to take the fee out of my savings. Maybe next year, or maybe I'll just self-publish the thing on Kindle.

That's my breakdown for the week. What's yours? Join the conversation on J. Money's blog, Budgets are Sexy.


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