Monday, December 31, 2018

There's Something Phishy About This Email

Happy New Year, Folks! I have a fun activity for us to do together to start this year off right.
So I received this phishy email when I was scouring my spam inbox for something I actually wanted but don't appear to have received yet.
Let's spot the problems with this bad and wrong email together.
The source address is a dead giveaway. Walmart is not based in Russia.
Then there is the fact that I haven't ordered anything online from Walmart in more than six months.
Walmart does not deduct a percentage of what you paid if they refund money for an order. If the hinky Russian email address didn't scream BOGUS, this statement should.
"Walmart is wishing you a happy day."
Yes, I'm sure they are.
Never reply to an email like this. First, they will want you to "update your address," followed by updating your credit card number or bank account number.
Here's wishing you all a pleasant 2019, minus the Russian phishers.


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