Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Games that Pay

Hands down, Cash Crate rises to the top when it comes to GPT sites that pay you to play games

This post was originally created on December 25, 2018. I'm here to stuff your stocking with a classic holiday combination, fun and money. I spent two hours playing games on Cash Crate last night before it was time to head for bed so Santa could stuff my stocking with coal.
All the GPT sites listed on this page have games you can play for pay, but Cash Crate opens a can of Whoop Ass on the other sites and puts the smackdown on them where games are concerned. The little fella may look happy-go-lucky, but don't let that chummy grin fool you. He's a powerhouse!

Here are the best sites for making money playing games, featured in alphabetical order.

Cash Crate gets the hat trick where games are concerned. Their games are beautifully designed, of similar quality as you would find with Facebook games. They have so many games that it would be easy to spend literally hours playing on Cash Crate. Plus, instead of being tempted to shell out for microtransactions so you can level up, Cash Crate pays you to play!
You make one cent per game played on Cash Crate. Or you can pay ten bucks to get power-ups so you can level up in other mobile games. I know which one I'd rather do.
I'm going to make it easy for you to give Cash Crate a try. Just fill out this simple form. It's free to join and it's one of the best GPT sites out there.

As games go, Fusion Cash has rather meager offerings. Still, you might find something there that is to your liking. The games are via GSN, which can be problematic if you forgot that you signed up for GSN elsewhere.
Fusion Cash is a respectable GPT site in other regards. I tend to save it for other activities and play games elsewhere.

Inbox Dollars
This longstanding favorite GPT site has some nice games. The bubble monkey game remains among my favorites, although I will never touch Level 23 again. Two stars is an acceptable score for this hell level. You receive scratch and win progress for playing games with Inbox Dollars, which earns you real money. Cashout for Inbox Dollars is $30.

Irazoo *
Irazoo has a similar selection of games to Cash Crate. You are limited to five minutes per game and 500 points per day. This GPT site has a lot to offer. Enter code R7RPQG when you join, and we will both get points. You earn points on Irazoo which can be spent on great items like Amazon gift cards.

The games on Swagbucks are also via GSN, which means you run into the same potential problems as you might find with Fusion Cash. I prefer to reserve this otherwise excellent GPT site for activities other than playing games.

Treasure Trooper
While Treasure Trooper is one of my favorite GPT sites, their selection of games is limited to half a dozen of their own in-house games.

Unique Rewards *
Like Cash Crate and Irazoo, Unique Rewards has an excellent selection of games to choose from. They pay via Paypal. Cashout is at $20. They also have many other activities to choose from.

I recommend making Cash Crate, Irazoo, and Unique Rewards your starters for earning money playing games. They have a great selection of games and many other activities to choose from as well.

Having fun + Earning money = A winning combination!



  1. TreasureTrooper is a great site! They are moving more toward surveys for cash nowadays, but their dragon fight, dragon breeding for $$$, jungle slots, treasure hunt, etc all make it a unique place to earn.

    1. Agreed. I like their unique style. I'm still trying to get my first dragon egg, so I don't have much experience with the dragon fighting or breeding games just yet!


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