Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tech Tricks: Help! My Login Screen Won't appear!

Last night, I came home and fired up my Windows 10 computer, only to wait and wait and wait to have the login screen never appear.
I cooked a frozen dinner. The screen didn't appear.
I played a game on my Kindle tablet. The screen didn't appear.

I whipped out my iPhone and did a search for "login doesn't appear Windows computer."
Several sources gave me the following tip:
Hold down the power button for three seconds.
The computer will restart.
You will have to do this three times.
What this does is cues the computer to run a disk check.
If the problem is minor, the malfunction will be repaired. Your computer will restart, and the login screen will appear as normal.
I discovered that there had been a Windows update, which has a tendency to make my computer behave strangely.
My computer is working normally again, and I am glad to live in an age where my phone isn't just a dumb brick with buttons. I'm old enough that I remember early text messaging. Remember when you had to push a key multiple times to get the letter you wanted? If you don't, you didn't miss anything.
A caveat:
I am not a computer expert, even though my co-workers at the job I had for close to 11 years thought I was some sort of computer genius. My knowledge is haphazard. I'm completely self-taught. I do not guarantee that this tip will work for you and I can't tell you if there is something really bad wrong with your computer. If there is a minor glitch, this tip should work for you as it did for me. If there's a major problem, my suggestion won't work and you need to contact an actual computer technician.
Also, Windows, stop being like this:


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