Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Product Review: Time-Savers: Reynold's Wrap

Disclosure: This is an unsolicited personal opinion. I have received no compensation from the manufacturers of Reynold's Wrap for this post.

I talk a fair bit about directly saving money, but time is money, and saving time is important as well.
Often, there are off brands which work as well or better than name brand products, but sometimes it's worth spending the little bit extra to get the name brand.
This is definitely the case with Reynold's Wrap.
I use Reynold's Wrap to line casserole dishes and baking pans. There is even a nonstick version, but the regular version with a bit of cooking spray works well too.
Some of the off brands are flimsy, and I've even found myself having to pick bits of foil out of the food after serving it. As for easy cleanup, it doesn't work so well when the foil tears easily.
With Reynold's Wrap, there is little to no leakage--none more often than not. I simply lift the foil out of the pan and there's no need for soaking and scrubbing. The pan can be quickly rinsed off and put away.
I stock up on Reynold's Wrap when it's on sale at the store, or I buy the big discount rolls at
Reynold's also makes slow cooker and roasting pan liners, which are a real time-saver as well.
Don't short-change on quality. It's worth spending the minimal amount extra to get the name brand in this case.


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